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Building Custom Homes Since 1990

Why build a custom home with DEVELEKO?  Your home is more than just a place to live. It is an environment for living – one that brings you comfort, joy and satisfaction. It is a setting where you can express yourself, nurture growth and experience life with your family. It is a creation that is yours alone.

We believe that starts with a good design custom tailored to your needs and wants.  Our job is to listen to you, understand your vision and communicate it with the tools of our craft: smart design, architectural integrity, thoughtfully selected materials and quality workmanship.

“In the end, what makes DEVELEKO a leader in design for custom homes is how easily you and your family fit right in.”


custom home being built


With a process designed to bring order, we efficiently guide you through the design and building to the point of enjoying your own home, as if it has always been yours.

At DEVELEKO, we understand that what we build is more than just a home for our clients; it is an opportunity to build relationships for life. 

Building custom homes since 1990, we have assembled an expert team of designers, project managers, an impeccable construction crew, and dedicated support personnel all with the same mission – to build not just a custom house for our client, but to build the perfect home for them while creating a lifelong relationships. Our teams biggest pay off and  accomplished are a source of great pride and fulfillment.

Our history of building fine custom homes together also creates a special bond that makes the DEVELEKO team particularly effective. As a cohesive group we have guided hundreds of families through their home building journey.  These years of experience have shaped, refined and sharpened the skills we offer to every DEVELEKO project. There is a direct relationship between the strength of the people within our organization and the quality of custom homes we produce netting strong and unique relationships with our clients.

Our core values are embedded in every project we take on. Honesty – Integrity – Respect – Responsibility – Passion.

We know that every project is an inspiration for future homes and every individual is a potential client for life. That’s why rather than trying to make you our client we want to be your partner. Our process is very partnership based allowing you to be involved in every core decision during the process.

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